Your Involvement, Your Impact

contribute to the JCRP Lincoln Day Fundraising Dinner

Your involvement can go beyond attending. Explore opportunities to donate or volunteer and leave a lasting impact on a night of unity, purpose, and celebration. Whether it's donating your time, money, or items, your participation turns an evening into a shared experience. Join us in creating our best Lincoln Day Fundraising Dinner ever.

A message From Our Chairman

Randell Embertson

“I take pride in our distinctive approach—a community-driven spirit seldom found in today's politics. We don't rely on glossy PR campaigns from a distant headquarters; we're about something more genuine. Here, it's our neighbors, organically uniting to forge real change, right here at home. Together, let's continue our journey towards a future shaped by the power of community and the authenticity of our shared vision”.

Auction Contributions Make Your Mark

Join us in crafting a night to remember by contributing to our auctions. Your generosity transforms the event, adding unique offerings that resonate with the heart of our community.
By donating items or experiences, you not only become a part of the celebration but also contribute to our fundraising activities. Your generosity creates a ripple effect, shaping the success of the Jackson County Oregon Lincoln Day Dinner 2024. Together, let's build moments that inspire and make a lasting impact.

Sponsorships Opportunities

Contact Us to Explore Various Sponsorship Opportunities and Partner with Us to Support the Success of the Jackson County Republican Party Fundraising Dinner.

Participate To Support Our Mission

This is an invitation to be a driving force behind the Jackson County Oregon Lincoln Day Fundraising Dinner. Secure your spot today and participate in an evening filled with influential speakers, exclusive experiences, and the support of shared values.

Your help not only shapes the experience but contributes to the success of our evening. Join us and become an integral part of this extraordinary fundraising evening.

Want to Join Us in Supporting JCRP? Volunteer Today

Join us in making a difference! Your time and skills are invaluable in ensuring the success of the Jackson County Oregon Lincoln Day Fundraising Dinner.

Embrace the opportunity to contribute to the event's triumph, and let your dedication create a meaningful impact. By volunteering, you become an essential part of our mission, bringing unity and purpose to life.

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